Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas 2022 in Shimla


If you are a snow lover, it will be a delight to experience the ethereal beauty of Shimla in late December. The hill station witnesses heavy snowfall during the winter months and the sight is nothing short of heavenly with all its snow-clad mountains. You should definitely visit Shimla during Christmas or New Year’s time. This winter paradise is a lively place with a celebratory mood in the air. Starting your New Year in Shimla will be an experience that you’ll cherish throughout the year. Here is how we recommend you to spend your time:

  1. Adventure sports

If you are a lover of adventure sports, you would definitely enjoy Shimla during winters. Shimla has the largest and the only natural ice-skating rink in India. December is a crowd-pulling time for many tourists. You can also head to Kufri which is 16 km away from Shimla to experience horse riding and skiing. Popularly known as the winter capital of Shimla, it attracts tourists across the world for beginner and advanced skiing slopes. In fact, playing in the snow itself will lift up your spirits.

  1. Party

 Shimla is in a lively and celebratory mood in December with vibrant colors, carnivals, and events occurring all over the place. The Ridge and Mall Road are particularly attractive destinations for tourists. The restaurants and showrooms offer heavy discounts in this period and if you are a shopaholic, A visit to the mall road will be a delight. Walking down the mall road in chilly weather will add to your experience. One can visit the bakeries and enjoy the delicious desserts and savory options curated for festive seasons. In fact, many hotels also organize special events and parties for the tourists to make the festival

  1. Visit the Church

Churches are beautifully decorated and adorned during Christmas time. On the eve of Christmas, you can attend the carols and prayers sung by church choir for an enriching experience. The iconic Christ Church is the second oldest in India and a visit to the same is a must especially during the Christmas period.

  1. Narkanda


Narkanda is one of the nicest locations close to Shimla in December. Because it is the location of the most beautiful ski resort, it is a paradise for adventure seekers. Travel two hours from Shimla to reach this winter beauty in the highlands. The stunning vistas that Mashobra has to offer will fascinate you. You can do everything here, from picking up the activity to becoming an expert!

  1. Jhakuropeway

7 Reasons to love the Ropeway Ride

The Jhakuropeway is a perfect way to get a mesmerizing view of snow-clad hills. The 6-minute ride will take you straight to the highest point in Shimla. The whole experience is thrilling and one of a kind. Enjoy a cup of tea in the chilly winds and we guarantee a one of a kind experience for you!



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