Dussehra Celebrations at Jakhu Temple

Dussehra Celebrations at Jakhu Temple

There is absolutely nothing better than receiving Lord Hanuman’s blessings and fulfilling all of your life’s desires while basking in Shimla’s picturesque beauty, the majestic aura of Jakhu Temple, and the perfect, pleasant weather. One of Shimla’s most picturesque peaks, Jakhu Hill is also the tallest peak there with an incredible elevation of 8,054 ft and is located approximately 2.5 km east of the Ridge. Jakhu Hill is home to the ancient temple of Lord Hanuman, the Hindu god who is omnipresent.

The temple dates back to the time of Shri Ram when Lord Hanuman sought out Sajivni Booti to revive Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Sri Rama who fainted, and this is when the temple was built. Yaksha Rishi, who was engrossed in deep meditation, was available to help when Meghanath, Ravana’s son, wounded himself during the Shri Ram-Ravana conflict that was taking place in Sri Lanka.

Numerous folks come here frequently to seek his blessings. To keep this footprint intact for future generations so that worshippers might visit and get blessings from their deity, locals have now built a shrine around it. Every Dussehra, the Hindu Festival, a huge festival is celebrated here, drawing thousands of visitors from all over the world.

When should you visit?

Since it is frequently frequented by tourists and other travellers throughout the year, anyone can come here at any time. One might capture the pious spectacular scenery of the nearby Shivalik Hills after spending a while in Lord Hanuman’s enduring heavenly atmosphere.

Ways to Visit the Temple

The temple is conveniently reachable by taxis, trains, and buses because it is only a few kilometres from Shimla’s cultural centre, the Ridge.

Any adjacent location in Shimla can easily be reached by cab from the temple. One way to reach the Jakhu temple is by Jakhu Ropeway. You can enjoy the scenic view of the mountain range on Jakhu Ropeway.

Regardless of whether someone is a nature lover, Jakhu Temple and Jakhu Hills offer extreme tranquilly and incredible views of the grand Lord Hanuman’s tall Statue on the one hand, while also allowing them to enjoy the peaceful and welcoming atmosphere of hill stations on the other.