Top 5 Places To Enjoy Shimla Nightlife

Top 5 Places To Enjoy Shimla Nightlife

Top 5 Places To Enjoy Shimla Nightlife 

Are you someone who doesn’t end a trip without a night party? Thinking about traveling to Shimla and wondering about clubs to rock the night? Shimla offers some of the best nightlife experiences besides its fabled lush green landscapes and thrilling Jakhu ropeway experience! Several pubs and nightclubs are scattered from the mall road to the city outskirts for the best nightlife experience in Shimla. Here is a list of famous nightlife places in Shimla, including nightclubs, pubs, and bars.

  • Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar

This is the most happening bar in Shimla. An in-house bar of the Marina Hotel, situated on Mall Road, this bar is a perfect place for party animals with celebrity DJs. Along with awesome songs, they also offer the finest liquor with the ambiance. For an ideal nightlife in Shimla, head over to Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar and let this place enthrall your vacation!

Location: Hotel Marina, Mall Rd, Bemloi, Shimla

Timings: Closes 11 PM

  • Himani Bar & Restaurant

Another lovely place to explore the nightlife of Shimla is the Himani Bar. Besides having amazing music, it also serves a wide array of drinks with amazing tasty meals from Mughlai and Indian cuisines. The Himani bar promises you a peaceful yet lively evening in Shimla.


Location: Stairs, Middle Bazar, The Mall, Shimla

Timings: Closes 10:45 pm

  • The Pub

Looking for a place to enjoy the best brews in Shimla? This popular outlet at Ritz is the venue for many relaxed evenings. Go all out and try out the amazing cocktail and mocktails on the menu. The Foot tapping music and ambiance make up a vibrant and peppy experience.

Location: Ritz Cineplex, Shimla

Timings: Closes 9 PM

  • Rendezvous Bar And Restaurant

Looking for a place to unwind and relax after a day of sightseeing? Rendezvous Bar offers a variety of refreshing drinks to choose from. The professional bartenders provide amazing concoctions with delicious and crunchy appetizers. Grab your favorite drink and enjoy the dazzling ambiance of this electrifying bar!


Location: Scandal Point, The Mall, Shimla.

Timings: Closes 11:00 pm

  • Devicos Bar

Devicos Bar is an ideal bar cum restaurant for a large number of groups to enjoy the city nightlife. With moderate pricing, this place is a delight for budget travelers to enjoy delicious eateries and favorite drinks.


Location: 5, Mall Rd, Vijaya Bank, The Mall, Shimla

Timings: Closes 11:00 pm


Visit Shimla on your next vacation and when in doubt, head to one of these places to relax your mind for the night!


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