Tourist Places in Shimla you can visit in your 1-day trip


Shimla is the hub of exotic and enchanting tourist spots and creates a never-ending impact with even a stopover with a one day’s visit only since the places which are famous for tourist spot , they are nearby and can be closely visited in 1 day trip with full of serene beauty under the shade of this beautiful Queen of Hills.

One can easily do an inclusive and serious sightseeing in a day’s visit and can wander and ponder over the silent valley of the ranges of the Himalayas with exclusive and reluctant natural beauty. To visit Shimla in one day one need to reach that place early in the morning to fascinate your visit with numerous sightseeing places which actually intrudes the beauty of nature enclosed in the lapse of the Queen of hills in the Northern region in the extreme Himalayas.

The easy mode of transport in order to reach Shimla is by road, railway and air depend on the level of convenience and economic terms. One can even take a flight from Delhi or Chandigarh since Shimla airport is 25 km far from the main city.

Moreover, one can even take a joyful ride over the toy train from Kalka and one can even travel by bus and car or private cabs, where they drop the travelers to Ring road which is not far from the main city.

Since most of the eye storming places are there over the mountainous slopes, hence the safest mode to travel is by bus and one can easily travel by bus through the visit of Travel Information Center located at the Mall Road.

Moreover one can travel through the Mall road, the Ridge and the Christ church over the same street which is round the clock tourist places which can be visited frequently after one another. The Mall Road is the hub of a shopping centre where winter wear is bought at cheaper rates, with a better quality of yarn. The Gaeity Heritage Building is one of the famous buildings in Shimla where cultural, theatrical and literary events can easily be organized, it is more a governmental building has political significance and is closely connected to the Mall Road which is an easy visited spot and can be catered under 1-day trip.

After this, one can move for the nearby restaurants and food hub which is all available over the Mall Road, where one can enjoy the famous Himachal starters and can retreat themselves with delicious and ample of foodstuff. To ahead one’s journey with a refreshing mode after having delicious appetite, one can take a walk over the Ridge, which is famous tourist spot in Shimla for shopping and is a hub of all cultural activities too, and can buy wooden auspicious stuff in Lakkar Bazar which is closely interlinked with the Ridge and can overwhelm themselves with some beautiful delicacies which can easily be spotted in the wax museum popularly known as Johnnie’s Wax Museum which is near to Ridge only, where one can shop for their homes to use it in form of decorative purpose.

One can move up to Jakhu Hill from the Ridge since it is just 2 km at a distance from their and can spot the highest point of Shimla and can see Shimla spread below your footsteps densely covered with the number of hills and number of Thatcher and wooden houses. One can move to the famous Hanuman temple over the Jakhu Hill with the help of Jakhu Ropeway Shimla and can mesmerize themselves with some religious and elite stories.

Jakhu Ropeway

While even coming from the Ridge one can take a visit to the Christ Church too, which is interconnected with the Ridge only and can spot the second largest church in northern India? While moving inside the church one can get through some stain glass windows which represents various qualities of perceiving human beings on grounds of humanity, peace etc.

Lastly, before eve one can easily set down their exclusive one day trip with the visit to the Glen forest which is near the route to Kennedy House which is densely covered forest or a popular picnic spot where tourists come to revive themselves with the green landscapes and to sit in the lapse of nature and to enjoy the beauty of deodar and pine forests, even after visiting their one can go to take a walk over the Chadwick Falls and retreat themselves in the shower of this summer capital of the Britishers, where sunsets also drown oneself with the snapshots or gloomy pictures of natural landscapes.


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