A day picnic in Jakhu Hill, Shimla


Family picnics are always special. Isn’t it? We get to spend some quality time with our loved family members in some of the best locations in the world. Along with the quality time, the amazing and peaceful surroundings of the place are so that it releases the daily stress and make us relax. One such amazing location that is perfect for a day picnic is Jakhu ropeway Shimla.

In the recent time, the place has gained a lot of attention from the tourists result in a hike in its popularity. It is a complete package that satisfies each and every family member in the most convenient manner. If you too are looking for a place that you can visit with your entire family, then you must try this brilliant place in Shimla.

Here are some of the other reasons that make Jakhu ropeway Shimla as one of the most preferred locations for a day picnic:

  1. Calmed surroundings: When you are looking for a place for a picnic, the very first thing that most of the people look towards is the surroundings of the place. Keeping this in consideration, this amazing place in Shimla provides its tourists with brilliant and calm surroundings. It makes that perfect place where one can go and relax from the daily stress and anxiety. It is quite worth to visit the place and find the needed calmness.
  2. Affordable option: When choosing a place for a day picnic, one of the major concerns of most of the people is the budget. There are many places that people skip because of the high budgeting cost associated with them. But Jakhu hills in Shimla are also an exception to this. Jakhu hills are quite convenient when it comes to the budget. This means that you can enjoy visiting this amazing place alone or with your loved ones within an affordable price range. Now that counts as another reason to visit the place.
  3. Adventurous spot: If you are one of those who like being adventurous during your visit, then you would not find any place better than Jakhu ropeway Shimla. The place is worldwide famous and popular for its ropeways adventures. In fact, the ropeway adventure is one of the most popular spots of the place that attracts many tourists towards the place throughout the year. This adventure can be tried by anyone as it is safe and is executed under the supervision of the experts available on the spot.
  4. Convenient to reach: You would definitely not want to spend the maximum time of your picnic to just reach there. We all prefer convenience when it comes to choosing a place for a picnic, isn’t it? Jakhu hills give you the convenience and comfort even with this as well. It is quite easy and convenient to reach to the Jakhu hills without facing any hassles.

With so much to offer, Jakhu ropeway Shimla is certainly a place worth visiting for a day picnic. When are you visiting the place?


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