Which is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh where tourists can enjoy their visit?


Situated in Kinnaur Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Mount Kinner Kailash is 6050 m is among the five mountains of Mount Kailash. This place is the home of Lord Shiva. Mount Kinner Kailash has a religious importance in the Hindus as a huge “SHIVA LINGAM”, that is a 79 feet vertical rock formation. This rock formed image of Lord Shiva that is believed to change colors throughout the day. It is counted among one of the legendary abodes of Lord Shiva.

It is situated at Indo-Tibet boarder, and the entry to Kinnaur valley was restricted even for Indian nationals till 1993 and tourists from foreign countries required to register with Inner line permit. This trek is the toughest treks and meant for spiritual and adventurous people. Trekking to Kinner Kailash is a challenging and rewarding for experienced trekkers.

Trekking in India, offer exciting holiday tour to Kinner Kailash. This tour can take to the land of fairy tales with stunning view of cold desert mountains, lush green valleys, winery snow-clad peaks, and beautiful orchard flowers. Also, you can see amazing view of spectacular landscape. The tour can take you to the scenic Hangrang valley and Sangla Valley that are naturally blessed.

Religious significance of Kinner Kailash

The kund was formed by Goddess Parvati. It was meeting point of Lord Shiva and the goddess, hence known as ‘Aashiqi Park’. Another mythological belief that every winter Shiva conducted a meeting of gods at Kinner Kailash. Moreover, the Jakhu Ropeway is a Cable car in Himachal Pradesh. Itis a popular tourist spot in Shimla giving breathtaking views. Tourists are enthralled by perfect safety and management of the Gondola Ride.

 Trekking trail to Kiner Kailash

It is a 14 km long trek that is tough and magically rewarding. If you take this challenge, then make sure to get satisfied with beautiful fairytale views of nature and surroundings. The mind-boggling views of lush green apple orchards, snow-clad cold mountains, and spectacular landscape is everything that one can imagine. This trek take you to the gorgeous Hangrang Valley and Sangla Valley where nature can be experienced in the purest form.

The initial point of the trail is Tangling Village that is base camp in Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful location is situated on the banks of the Sutlej River at the height of 7050 ft. From here, you can take the exciting but dangerous Shongtong Bridge or Jhoola Pul, the hanging bridge or the

Best time for the Kinner Kailash Parikrama Trek

Each year, the trek starts between May and October. However, it is advised to go between September and October as May to August region experiences heavy rainfall that makes it a little tough for trekkers. Cloud bursts and landslides are common during peak monsoons, hence avoid.

Things to carry
Make sure that you are carrying bottles filled with water, Woollen clothing, Flashlight/Headlamp with extra batteries, Wind cheaters, Walking stick, Trekking boots, Sunscreen/sun hats/lip balms, Energy bars/packed food items, First aid kit and Extra passport size pictures

Each year, many devotees go on Kinner Kailash pilgrim trip. Remember, this trek depends on weather conditions and is not advised to plan the trip during peak monsoon season. As the number of road accidents has occurred due to natural calamities, so one has to be careful before planning and start the journey.

Hence, this is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh where tourists can visit. This place holds a religious importance and is a trekking destination for tourists. Hence, you must plan a trip with your family.


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