Jakhu Ropeway Safe to Travel Even in bad weather


Are you planning a trip to Jakhu temple? Here we are discussing about weather in rainy season in Shimla. Shimla is known as the queen of all hill stations. Despite monsoons and the off season for travelling here, due to pleasant weather of Shimla, tourists flock to Shimla throughout the year. Though, we must tell you, that you can also visit Shimla, Jakhu temple in rainy season and is quite safe to travel in bad weather.

When it rains, the chance of landslides on the highway gets increased. You can also experience long queues of cars, buses, and trucks on most of the journey before entering Shimla. Even in the bad weather, you can visit Jakhu temple via Jakhu Ropeway that make your travel quite easy.

Jakhu Ropeway and Jakhoo temple is a religious and hilly place that is perfect for trekking.  It is believed to be the highest peak in Shimla. It is a key tourist attraction in Shimla as this temple is a heaven for all pilgrims and nature lovers who come to visit the historic 108 feet tall Hanuman statue at the Jakhoo temple. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Shimla through Jakhu Ropeway. Jakhu temple is one of the well-known attractions in Shimla for devotees who are visiting this temple. There is a 108 high feet statue of Lord Hanuman, an idol which is prayed by every devotee who visits and comes in the religious figure.

The easiest way to reach Jakhu Temple is via cable car ride – Jakhu Ropeways. Moreover, these Jakhu ropeways help to overlooking the paranomic views of steep slopes and natural landscapes. The two-way journey to the temple via cable car ride will cost around 500 per person, which is the minimum amount to stroll the lusting steep slopes.

On your way, you will find flock of monkeys on the place which is a sole deity of Lord Hanuman. The ancient idol of Hanuman is located at the top of the Jakhoo hill. There are various modes to reach to Jakhu temple, although visitors can make a choice according to their convenience. But the most easiest, economical and convenient way to reach Jakhoo temple is by the Jakhu Ropeway.

The distance of 2 km from Shimla that one require to manage to reach through Jakhoo Hill to the temple is to cover an altitude of around 2455 m above sea level as it is the topmost area that is situated at the highest peak of Shimla. Furthermore, when you come to Jakhoo temple you can also visit to Sanjauli, it is the highest peak in Shimla.

Shimla experiences the peak tourist season in these months only and there is huge rush from Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. The weather and scenic beauty of Shimla lure the tourists to visit and get respite from hot summer heat. The other attraction in Shimla is mall road; it is the main shopping street. It is the centre of all activity here. There are many restaurants, Cafes, and social hangouts on Mall Road.

If you are planning to visit Shimla with your family and friends, you can book the hotels in advance as the town of Shimla is crowded and over packed, hence accommodation may create a problem. So, advance bookings and hotels in Shimla, both things are required to be considered before coming to Shimla. Shimla is the most visited hill stations hence there is no problem of finding a place to stay here. Hotels are available in every range.


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