How much does it cost to visit Shimla?


Are you planning a trip to Jakhu temple or Jakhoo Ropeway in Shimla? Shimla is known as the queen of all hill stations. Despite monsoons, summers, winter or the off-season for traveling or pleasant weather of Shimla, tourists flock to Shimla throughout the year. Though, we must tell you, that you can also visit Shimla in any season.

Shimla is quite a decent tourist destination for a short trip. The cost is based on where you are traveling to Shimla and what kind of a stay you would prefer. We are assuming that you will start the journey from New Delhi ISBT ad going via the Volvo bus as they are quite comfortable with full recliners. The price of one ticket of a Volvo bus from Delhi to Shimla will cost around Rs. 800. Hence, for two people it would be Rs. 1600.

Moreover, assuming that it is a 3 day trip in an average budget hotel, then the cost of stay is around Rs.1, 200 per day. So 3,600 for two people.  The food will cost you around Rs 2,500 and you will do the shopping for around Rs. 4,000.  The return ticket is Rs 1,600 by Volvo. Hence, the total estimate is Rs. 13,500.  Please note that rates might vary and go up to Rs. 1,800 to 2,000 if you are going between Dec-Jan.

Also, one more angle is that if your travel depends on your budget and preferences as well but in any situation, it will not cost more than 30K for the trip.  The trip to Shmila with your friends depends on the budget as everybody has different earnings. For more information, you can also consult a travel consultant. He will guide you about Shimla as one of the best places in India that you must visit and the place provides mesmerizing snow-capped mountains with awesome weather. You will feel out of this world when you will go to Shimla with your friends and family.

While Shimla is known as a queen of hills and has Jakhu ropeway. The main attraction of travelers in Shimla is an adventurous ride to Gondola and the enchanting views of Shimla, forests and a stunning view of snow-covered hills. You can also have a darshan of 108 feet of Hanuman Ji from Jakhu Ropeway. It is the tallest world’s statue at a height of 8100 feet. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea under the tree that is situated among Deodar forest of Jakhoo temple that is located at the highest peak of around 2,455 meters of Shimla.


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