Which place is the most enjoyable with family, Shimla or Kerala?


Shimla is a place to cool yourself. It is an ideal place if you are living in hot and humid weather and requires a change. It is snowing if you go in Dec or Jan. If you have sufficient time allocated for traveling to and fro Shimla. The connectivity by Air is not that good. Hence, you have to spend some time on road before reaching Shimla. If you are passionate of trekking and if you do not have kids who don’t like to be in very cold weather.

Kerala has various different destinations to travel. It can be any of the hill stations from back waters or beaches.The hill Stations in Kerala provide an opportunity to enjoy scenic beauty of coffee and tea estates. Though these places such as Wayanad or Munnar are cold places, it is not as cold as Shimla. This is an ideal destination if you want to be in a mild cold place and wants to enjoy the lush greenery. You have to spend only some time on road as it is from the nearest airport. You can also take your kids without worrying much about the weather.

Kerala Backwaters provide you the quietand calm ambience. This is a perfect place to visit if
you experience an all -day ride in house boat via backwaters. If you love to eat Fish/Prawns/Beef/Chicken/Toddy/other delicacies of Kerala. Kerala Beaches are perfect for a family vacation. You can select to go if you wish to get some sun tan and wants to relax on the beach or play in the sea. If you love good seafood.

Amazing Ways to Experience Best of Kerala

The attractive beauty of Kerala is beyond the words. One has to travel Kerala this charming state to experience the true charm. The beautiful state is adorned with all the bounties of nature. Be it lush forests, splendid beaches, fantastic hill stations, tranquil backwaters and mesmerising waterfalls. If you are planning to visit this state, ensure that your Kerala tour packages allow sufficient time to discover these unique experiences:-

  1. Go for a house boat ride- What can be better than taking house boat ride with tranquil backwaters bounded by lush greenery? And to increase your joy, the boat houses in Kerala serve delicious meals.
  2. Stay at a tree house: -Staying at a tree house is funny ways of experiencing nature. Munnar, Wayanad, Athirapally or Thekkady are the best places to stay at a tree house.
  3. Take a spice tour: – Kerala is popular for the extensive spice cultivation. Take a tour of the spice plantations places like Thekkady, Munnar, or Wayanad. You will enjoy walking through lush cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla plantations.
  4. Go for a Bike ride in Idukki: – The winding hilly roads of Idukki can be best experienced on a bike. The hilly roads are surrounded by lush greenery and captivating views.

What to See in Shimla

Mall Road: It is the main shopping street. It is the centre of all activity here. There are many restaurants, Cafes, and social hangouts on Mall Road.

Christ Church: It is the second oldest church in North India and situated on The Ridge.

Jakhu Hill: The highest peak in Shimla, at a height of 8,000 feet provide a magnificent view of the valley around. You can also visit Jakhoo Temple, and enjoy the scenic beauty from Jakhu Ropeway.Statue of Lord Hanuman at Jakhu Hill: This is a 108 feet tall statue that stands at a height of 8,500 feet above sea level.


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