Safe and best time to visit Shimla


Shimla is the hill station in India that carries the aura of a queen to mesmerise its visitors with the delicate charm. Shimla gets tourists from all over the world due to its scenic landscape and pleasant weather conditions. Adventure seekers can enjoy trekking, skiing, paragliding, and various other adventure sports in Shimla. Honeymoon couples can discover their love amidst the stunning and serene environment of Shimla. Planning a family tour in Shimla will escape the travellers from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Shimla is beautiful in its own way on all seasons. Shimla is known for its mild summers and cool winters.Though many visit Shimla during the summer and winter season, the hill station is gorgeous during the monsoon season between October and December. Let’s find out which is the safe and best time to visit Shimla.

The best time to visit Shimla (October to December)

Shimla is a year-round destination. But the safe and best time to visit Shimla is during the monsoon season between October and December. Your love for travelling will be satiated in the monsoon season of Shimla. The average temperature during this season falls between 34.2°C and 26.5°C. For those who love to enjoy the rain, wind and cool climate along with breath-taking scenery can visit Shimla during this season. Shimla will be pleasant and warm during this season with mild rains and snow. Shimla will be less crowded in this season. So, the hotel and other prices will drop eventually making it a perfect time to visit Shimla. If you are someone who wishes to visit Shimla without any congestioncan prefer to visit Shimla during this season. The 40 to 50% discount offered in the hotels will allow you to spend less on your holiday budget which is the double advantage of the visit this season.

Is it safe to travel to Shimla between October and December?

Shimla is absolutely safe to travel during the months of October and December. Be careful while travelling by bike during this season. It is better to avoid the riverside which is the only precaution to take care in this season. A planned trip with properly scheduled itinerary won’t create any problems for you to visit Shimla in this season.

What are the best things to do during this season?

Shimla dazzles its visitors with amazing views, ancient temples and lovely attractions. The Ridge, Jakhoo, Jakhu Ropeway, Kufri, Himalayan Bird Park, Kiala Forest and many more in Shimla are waiting to give the wow feel to the visitors. The must-see place in Shimla, Mall road is the major commercial destination in Shimla which sells traditional items, chocolates, woollen clothing, handicraft items, and many more. Those who love to enjoy a hard-core travelling experience can visit Shimla during this season and push their adrenaline to the maximum level. During this season, opt to stay in any of the luxury and tranquil hotel and enjoy the incredible amenities and services at a reasonable price. Choose the right travel package to at an offer price during this season and admire the marvels of Shimla leisurely.


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