Total Family Fun Pack at the Jakhu Ropeway


    Are you planning to have a family vacation? Are you interested in knowing the best place where all your family members can experience an unforgettable time? If so, then Jakhu ropeway would be one considerable option for you.

    Jakhu ropeway is one of the most adventurous tourist spots in Shimla. Every year, many tourists visit the place to have a pleasant experience with their family members. If you too are planning to visit the place, here are some of the fun-filled activities for the entire family that you can expect to witness:

    1. Wax Museum: Jakhu ropeway in Shimla is well-known to have the perfect replica of Madame Tussauds Museum. The wax museum is popularly known as the Jakhu Ropeway Madame Tussauds Museum. The museum features 16 amazing wax statues that make the place famous in the entire world. The entry tickets for the museum are quite affordable. Thus, you can plan to have a pleasant time at the museum with your entire family. Plan a visit to the museum on your tour and get clicked with all the famous faces.
    2. Air hockey: Jakhu ropeway is not just a place where one can get entertained with the statues of the famous names but it is also a place for the sports enthusiasts. For the people who love sports and are a great fan of hockey, they will be highly entertained by the air hockey game present there. The game is one of the great games available in Shimla that attracts most of the gamers from around the world. If you too have a sports enthusiast in your family, looking for some excitement on the field, air hockey is the right place to keep them entertained.
    3. Fiber statues: Fiber statues are yet another great attraction that can be witnessed in the entire family. There are some world famous Punjabi traditional fiber statues that Shimla is famous for. The spiritual statues in the rock garden are so attractive that they hardly let anyone miss them. Most of the families visit the place to experience some quality time with their loved ones. The world-famous giant Hanuman statue is also situated on the Jakhu hills. These statues serve as a great place for the entire family members to enjoy all together.
    4. Ropeway ride: When in Jakhu ropeway, if you haven’t experienced the Jakhu ropeway ride then you surely have missed one extremely funny and entertaining activity.Hill Stations in North India This adventurous ride will let you experience the most picturesque and breath-taking views of Shimla. The ride has also reduced the time to reach Jakhu from the ridge in just 5 minutes. This ride is a must-have experience when in Jakhu Ropeway.

    You will be totally entertained with the family fun packs available in Jakhu Ropeway. The place has something or the other for everyone in the family. Thus, you can be absolutely sure that your entire family will be thoroughly entertained with the total family fun pack at the Jakhu ropeway.


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