What is the weather forecast in the month of June?


Are you planning a trip to Shimla? Here we are discussing about Shimla weather and the best time to visit Shimla. Shimla is known as the queen of all hill stations. The weather in Shimla is considered by freezing winters, mild summers, and a distinct monsoon. Despite monsoons and the off season for traveling here, due to pleasant weather of Shimla, tourists flock to Shimla throughout the year. Though, we must tell you, that you can also visit Shimla in the month of June as the temperature comparative to other places in India is quite low.

In the month of June there is an ideal weather condition with very less humidity in the air that makes this the perfect time to plan a visit to Shimla. The blooms of spring provide tourists a colourful and fragrant welcome to this Queen of the Hills. With pleasurable days, this is the perfect season for taking outdoor activities. Many people like to visit Shimla at the time of summers to beat the city heat and rejoice the scenic beauty that the cool winds of the city has to offer. The temperatures on an average ranges between 16 to 28Celsius in May and June. There are many places that can be visited in Shimla. Some are discussed below:

  1. Summer hills– It is the best places to roam about in Shimla. It is an attractive townshipthat is located 5 km away from the famous ridge of Shimla. This hill is covered by rich greenery that provides breathtaking views from the top. The summer hill is also a portion of the seven hills that make this place as one of the best visiting places in Shimla. The beauty of summer hill is sure to leave you overwhelmed. The visiting time is Sunrise to Sunset and sunrise is beautiful during summers. It is best for Trekking and nature walks.
  2. Jakhu Ropeway and Jakhoo temple– It is a hilly, and religious place that is perfect for trekking. It is believed to be the highest peak in Shimla as this hill is around 8000 feet high. It is a key tourist attraction in Shimla as this temple is a heaven for all pilgrimsand nature lovers who come to visit the historic 108 feet tall Hanuman statue at the Jakhoo temple. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Shimla through Jakhu Ropeway. The visiting time is from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Best For: Trekking
  3. Scandal Point- It is aviewing point and valley viewing that is an ideal place for photographers. It is the spacious platform and most popular places to visit in Shimla. It is a complete package to visit mountains by the nature lovers with all the fascinating views of the valley and the snow- capped mountains in Shimla. Apart from the breathtaking view, this place is a home to the famous Tudor library. The platform provides marvellous scene of sunset and sunrise and offer as one of the most endearing places to visit in Shimla. Visiting Time: Sunrise to sunset
    It is Best For Great views and Tudor Library
  4. Naldehra and Shaily Peak– It is a Viewing Point, valley viewing, and is ideal for photographers and adventure. Naldehra is the best place to visit in Shimla as it provides the most picturesque sunset and sunrise views. With naturally rich flora and fauna and dense deodar trees, this place has an amazing forest cover to be rejoiced on a horse ride. The calmness, stunning view, and fresh air are sure to leave spellbound.

Hence, plan your visit in June with your family.


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