10 Best Restaurants Near Jhakoo Temple To Look out for!

  1. Cafe under Tree

Distance from the temple: 0.1km
Cuisines served: Asian, Indian, Continental

Situated on the Jakhu hilltop, this café is the perfect point to grab a bite. The location is a winner and the lovely view is an attraction for many tourists. Just a minute away from the Jakhu temple, this place has a range of food options to satisfy your craving. Plus, you enjoy an enthralling view from the glass and wooden structures.


  1. Nagson’s Paitpooja

Distance from Temple: 0.6 km
Cuisines served: Indian, Chinese, Italian

With great food, service and a comfortable environment, this hideout is a place not to miss when you are in Shimla! The unique menu is quite interesting, with some never heard before dishes you must try. The flavors are all perfectly blended and the non-vegetarian food too is absolutely delicious.

  1. Cafe Simla Times

Distance from Temple: 0.7km
Cuisines served: Italian, Chinese, Asian, Indian

With scrumptious food and relaxing ambiance, this café on the mall road is a delight to the young crowd. The live music, outdoor sitting, and contemporary architecture all make it a treat for all. If you love taking pictures of the scenic beauty, this is the place for you!

  1. HideoutCafé

Distance from the temple: 1.2km
Cuisines served: Italian, Chinese, Fast food, European

Whether you are visiting the Jhakoo temple or strolling on the mall, this little place is definitely worth the try. The food and presentation are on point and the staff is extremely friendly. The great part is it has vegan and gluten-free options too!

  1. Eighteen71- Cookhouse & Bar

Distance from Temple: 0.6 km 
Cuisines served: Indian, Asian, Grill

The plush ambiance, oriental dishes and the calm atmosphere of this restaurant are a perfect solution for a lovely dinner outing. The attractive feature is the 24-hour service of this restaurant. So, if you are seeking for a place to satisfy your midnight cravings, your search ends here!

  1. Honey Hut- Nature’s Cafe

Distance from the temple: 0.9 km
Cuisines served: Fast food

Do you have a sweet tooth?  This café in the middle of the mall road is the perfect resting point for tourists. Their menu has the incorporation of natural honey to their dishes which makes for a healthy meal choice. Grab a refreshing cup of tea with a twist of honey and their cakes for an evening snack.

  1. The Brew Estate Shimla

Distance from the temple: 0.7 km
Cuisines served: Italian, Lebanese, Mediterranean, American, Chinese

Located behind the Church, this place has an in-house brewed beer and huge selection of lip-smacking cuisines. The ambiance is very elegant and mesmerizing. Descent from the Jakhu temple straight to the café for a relaxing experience.

  1. 45 The Central

Distance from the temple: 1 km
Cuisines served: Indian, Asian

If you are headed for a family outing and a hearty meal, 45 The Central should be your stop. The Indian food here is undoubtedly a treat to your taste buds.

  1. Wake and Bake

Distance from the temple: 1.1 km
Cuisines served: British, Eastern European, French

A hidden gem of Shimla, this place would not disappoint you on a visit to the Queen of Hills. Enjoy your breakfast at this soulful place with a range of pancakes and waffles. The menu is refreshingly different and the savory options are highly recommended.

  1. Himachali Rasoi

Distance from Temple: 1.1 km
Cuisines served: Traditional Himachali cuisine

If you are looking for traditional local cuisine in Shimla, then this place offers delicious yet authentic Himachali flavors. It’s one of the kind experience that you should add to your list of things to do in Shimla.


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