5 Best Things to Do During a Vacation in Shimla


Shimla, as the quintessential hill station, calls for no introduction. Its exuberant greenery, snow-clad mountains and agreeable climate have garnered the appeal of tourists over the years.

Among the plethora of activities, we have listed here 5 exciting things to do in the Queen of Hills.

  1. Enjoying an action-packed ice-skating at the open air rink

During the peak winter season in Shimla, the time to hotshot your skills at ice-skating in the open air rink beckons and gives you the adrenalin rush. The arena pulls in a large number of ice-skating buffs who look for an amazing experience high and low. The rink offers a unique ice platform created by an exceptional technique which the Garhwali highlanders learnt from the British. The luxuriant and dense forests that outline the over facing slope keep the enclosed area shaded and the low temperatures prevent the ice from melting.

  1. Hiking up in the Jakhu Hill to reach the Hanuman Temple

The Jakhu Hill, standing at an elevation of 2,455m above the sea level is considered as the highest point in Shimla. You can trek up and reach the venerated Jakhu Temple situated atop the hill. It’s a common tourist activity. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman with a mammoth 108m statue built in reverence to the deity. Taking a pleasurable ride in the Jakhu ropeway that renders an eye-catching view of Shivalik Ranges andscenic landscape of the town of Sanjauli down below sparks off your compulsive desire for excitement and adventure.

  1. Taking a walk through the Military Museum in Annandale

In case, arms, ammunition and heavy weaponry pep you up, then the Army museum that’s located in Annandale is a place where you must pay a visit to. The museum puts on public view several guns, artilleries, uniforms and anecdotal pieces of evidence related to the 1971 Pakistan war. The museum exhibits plaques and memorial tablets that offer homage to the martyrs of the war. You also shouldn’t fail to hit the mini-golf course and helipad adjoining the museum.

  1. Basking in a mesmerizing sunset at the Scandal Point

In Shimla, the Scandal Point is one of the most popular spots that attract a large group of tourists and backpackers. It’s basically a tableland situated on the Ridge Road. The point comes up with hypnotizing views of the snow-covered mountains and verdant green valley. As a perfect haven for photographers and nature-loving enthusiasts Scandal Point offers mind-blowing spectacles of the dawn and nightfall. Make sure you don’t miss dropping by the well-known Tudor Library located nearby.

  1. Taking a Yak ride in Kufri

Now if you want to have some more fun and amusement, reach Kufri, endowed with its intrinsic sensational backdrop and 16 kilometers away from Shimla. In addition to its offering of the grand landscape that’s pretty as a picture, Kufri is famous for its enjoyable yak rides. Yes, we all have tried horse riding. But when it comes to perching yourself on a yak and engaging in a joyride, the experience breaks all the platitudes. Since yaks are rare in India, your shot at doing something off-the-wall sets a benchmark.


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