8 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Himachal Pradesh


    Travelling is an art which needs to be practiced by every traveler and should seek for certain valuable suggestions which helps to initiate a balanced journey of fun and safety, since it is always sound to be interesting if we talk about the serenity around the Northern Plains and at the same time one should secure oneself within the lofty mountains and lush green landscapes with snow-capped valleys, plains and mountains.

    Himachal is a hub of places from head to toe, hence top travelling tips one needs to know before visiting this enchanting place.


    1. Tour documents- one needs to put all the documents in a systematic manner, such as identification cards(voter id, Adhaar, passport), one needs to carry an itinerary only in a printed form to make it not a vague representation.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hotel booking reservation whereas hotel check-in details and payment details.
    2. Weather Conditions– is one of the indispensable factors which one should bookmark in their list while travelling to any hill station since weather conditions in the hill can change at any moment. Especially in areas such as if we talk about places in Himachal Pradesh such as Chamba, Kullu, Shimla, Manali, Bilaspuretc, are the places which have mild and moderate summers and extreme winters. Hence, one should plan accordingly and pack luggage accordingly.
    3. Carry medicine box- one should take a medicine box with them during travelling and if they are going to extreme north then it becomes an important factor that needs one consideration since due to variation in climate, hence they can easily get prone to a cough and cold.
    4. Emergency Numbers- one should keep each and every emergency numbers since one is going to a newer place, due to any contingent event one should prepare oneself always ready and updated. Numbers such as toll-free emergency numbers (Shimla, Kullu, Manali, etc), good tourist information centres, doctors and hospital, police, and one should share these numbers with the hotel where one has to stay down, and with their family members.
    5. Maintain a valuable distance with the local people such as travel guides and other common residents, one need not be too rude or over friendly with them, in order to avoid any emergency.
    6. The travelers should carry basic folding umbrella , if they are travelling to Himachal Pradesh or to any hill station, since if we talk about places then Shimla and Kullu usually get through unpredictable rain, which at times spoils the journey of travelers, though vendors in the market are having in stock the off-season items too.
    7. There are certain buildings and museums such as (Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla; Chail Palace )which have official significance, hence in order to visit that, one should carry their id proofs and even should have the digit photo in their mobile phones too.
    8. One should carry solid shoes, mountain sickness medicines and certain other things to explore the adventurous activities and if one needs to avoid walking through mountain cliffs then there are gondolas and ropeways which are there in many places in Himachal , the famous is in Shimla known as Jakhu Ropeways Shimla which helps travelers to visit the enormous scenic beauty of the Queen of Hills.
    Jakhu Ropeway

    Following above are the basic necessities and top travelling tips need to be followed by every travelling who is travelling to Himachal Pradesh.


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