A White Valentine’s Day in Shimla

White Valentine’s Day in Shimla

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and now is the ideal moment to let the flames flare! Shimla is one of the most popular and well-known places to fall in love! It could be the perfect spot for you to unwind and also have fun with your partner while getting away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Diverse tourist attractions, camping sites with stargazing and campfires, excursions with breathtaking vistas, and much more are available. Here are some of the reasons why you should plan a trip to Shimla this Valentine’s Day:

  1. The Snowy Mountains
    When you think of Shimla, the very first thing that comes to mind is the “snow”. The entire landscape is magnificently wrapped in snow, making this place look no less than a paradise. Someone who has never witnessed snowfall should definitely visit Shimla. There is a very massive possibility that snow might fall on that particular day making your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.The Snowy Mountains
  2. The walk-on Mall Road
    Shimla has a stunning and broad mall road. You can wander around and explore the variety of street food available. Celebrate your valentine’s there while shopping and enjoying an array of items available. A long walk on the mall road will never disappoint you.Mall Road
  3. Chadwick Waterfalls
    One of Shimla’s must-see sights is the tranquil Chadwick waterfall, which is tucked in the Glen woodland. Because of the blend of aesthetic splendor and a relaxing environment, it’s great for getting some alone time. Seeing the sunrise at Chadwick Falls ought to be on your list of stuff to do in Shimla if you’re a true nature lover.Chadwick Waterfalls
  4. Enjoying the Parties
    Shimla also hosts a variety of valentine’s parties. There are exquisite hotels and restaurants that organize parties during the week. There are barbeques, live music, DJ nights, drinks, and a wide selection of food available. You could be a part of them and enjoy these parties.Enjoying the parties
  5. Jakhu Ropeway
    The Jhakuropeway is an excellent way to see the snow-covered slopes. The 6-minute ride would take you directly to Shimla’s highest peak. The whole thing is exhilarating and one of a kind. We guarantee you will have an outstanding experience if you have a cup of tea amid the chilly winds!Jakhu Ropeway


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