The White Winter in Shimla

winter in shimla
Shimla: A view of Shimla city draped in snow after heavy snowfall on Sunday

Beautiful scenery, enormous mountains, lively marketplaces, elegant hotels and restaurants, and perfect weather all year. Shimla is like everything that makes it a renowned getaway to escape North India’s sweltering summers. Shimla, which has a peak travel season during the summertime, also has a high number of tourists throughout the winter. This is due to the fact that it is among the few spots in India that receive a good chunk of snowfall. So, satiate your need for a pristine winter by embarking on a vacation to see snowfall in Shimla. Here are a few attractions which shouldn’t be skipped in a snowy Shimla:

1. Kufri


The magnificent hill station of Kufri, widely regarded as the ‘Snow Resort,’ is an excellent spot to enjoy snow in Shimla in December. It is amongst the most well-known sites to explore near Shimla, where visitors might discover prominent attractions such as the Himalayan National Park.

2. Snow Sports

snow sports in Shimla

One of the really enticing aspects of snowfall is that it allows travellers to participate in a variety of snow sports. During your trip to Shimla, engage in these adventurous activities to slake your passion for adventure. Ice skating and sledging are just a few of the spectacular adventure activities accessible to tourists.

3. Jakhu Peak

jakhoo temple

Jakhoo Peak, with an elevation of 8,000 feet, is Shimla’s tallest peak. This summit, which has towering Alpine trees, a vibrant Temple, and a massive sculpture of Lord Hanuman, is a renowned tourist destination and one of the greatest sites in Shimla to behold snowfall.

4. Mall Road

Shimla mall road

The Mall Road, which is lined with several stores and cafés, is undoubtedly one of the greatest spots to explore in Shimla during the snowy season. As you wander by the town’s snow-covered street market, revel in a heart-warming shopping experience.

5. Jakhu Ropeway

Jakhu Ropeway Shimla

You may take a brief journey on Shimla’s Jakhu ropeway to see the stunning snow-capped slopes. The ropeway ride gives breathtaking views of the Shivalik mountain ranges and the magnificent Sanjauli town.

While the chances of seeing snowfall in Shimla are highest from mid-December to January, the snowy season in Shimla occasionally arrives earlier, adding extra delight and magnificence to the overall notion of your visit. If nothing else, this would undoubtedly entice travellers from all across the globe to visit this hill station and marvel at the splendour of the town, which is currently buried in thick sheets of snow.


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