Enjoy Independence Day at Long Weekend in Shimla

Independence Day in Shimla
Independence Day in Shimla

Independence Day is falling on a Monday this year, making it the ideal time for anyone seeking a quick getaway to Shimla. So why are you still waiting? This long weekend, pick a location from the list below and set out on a scenic drive:

  • The Ridge
    At the centre of the town is the Shimla Ridge, which offers spectacular views of the mountain peaks of the land. The Ridge is a spacious open space that runs from east to west along the Mall, which is yet another famous tourist destination. It connects to the Scandal point on the west. If you love the view of mountains, this is your dream destination.
  • Jakhoo Hill
    The highest summit in the entire hill station, Jakhoo Hill, provides a picturesque perspective over the city and the Himalayan Mountains. A well-known tourist destination that is frequented by both pilgrims and nature lovers is the 8000-foot Jakhoo Hill. It is the location of the historic Jakhoo Temple. You can travel to Jakhoo temple with Jakhu Ropeway to enjoy the breathtaking view of Shimla.
  • Kalka-Shimla Railway
    Together with the Indian Mountain Railways, the Kalka- Shimla Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was constructed in 1898 by the British to link Shimla with other Indian railway lines. It travels from Shimla to Kalka, a town in Haryana. Numerous tourist destinations, including Summer Hill, Solan, and others, are stopped. The stunning vistas that can be seen while travelling through this line’s various tunnels and crossings will make for an incredible experience.
  • Summer Hill
    Summer Hill, also known as Potter’s Hill, is a small town outside of Shimla. Beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and the valley may be found from Summer Hill. It is located 5 km from the well-known Ridge, which is a popular tourist destination. Since the hill is a part of the seven hills that make up Shimla, you can expect to see beautiful views from the summit.
  • Kufri
    Shimla is 17 kilometres away from Kufri. The hill resort, located in the Himalayan foothills at a height of 2510 metres, is a haven for explorers and nature lovers alike. Kufri and a few locations near Shimla were a part of Nepal. Anyone visiting Shimla should go to this location because of the breathtaking scenery and adventure-filled reputation it enjoys.
  • Annadale
    One of Shimla’s top attractions is Annandale, commonly known as Annadale. About 4 kilometres separate it from the Ridge. The British used to use this level area as their playground to play polo and cricket. Racing was another well-liked activity practised here. Currently, the racetrack has been transformed into a miniature golf course that doubles as a helipad.
  • Scandal Point
    The Scandal point connects Ridge and Mall Road. It is another beautiful place where you can enjoy the Independence Day celebrations and various ceremonies. It is also the main point from which you can see enormous scenery such as the valley and snow-capped mountains, as well as a wide bay and stunning views. All months except the rainy season are ideal for visiting Scandal Point.


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