About Jakhu Hanuman Temple Shimla


Jakhu temple is one of the ancient and most religious places, must be encountered by every visitor situated at the topmost point of Shimla nearly 2.5 km /1.3 miles east from the Ridge which takes almost 15-20 minutes to travel, the distance even depends on the mode which the tourist choice for as per their convenience.

This temple provides a paranomic view of the Shivalik ranges and unhidden the ravishing scenic beauty of the valleys, landscapes and mountain ranges.

This temple is called Jakhu because it is situated over the hill known as Jakhu i.e., it is universally known as Jakhu temple. This temple is covered within the deodar trees and provides the tourists with the mesmerizing scenic landscapes of the hidden Mother Earth. The Jakhu Temple of Shimla s dedicated to the monkey God, Hanuman where the whole temple is surrounded by their core resemblance. The Jakhu temple is located at a height of 2455 meters and is situated on the highest peak in the mid of lofty mountains and landscapes of Shimla.

Jakhu Temple has great religious significance and many devotees of Hanuman come and visit the place due to the inherent facts and myths which are connected to the realm of this place. It has hidden legend which makes this place more supreme and distinctive which enrich the thought of every devotee.

This place has footprints of Hanuman since it is said that a deadly arrow has injured Lakshmana, brother of Lord Rama while he was fighting with the demon King Ravana.  Hence, in order to save Lakshmana the priest said that he needs some specific kind of herb i.e. Sanjeevani but from the great Himalayas which can only save Lakshmana, after diagnosing him. Therefore, to save him, Lord Hanuman took effort and he was sent to get the Sanjeevani butti, but he was unable to find the herb, hence he dug the whole mountain and brings the entire mountain and flew back to Lakshmana.

After that, he was fully cured, then Lord Hanuman, went back to keep that mountain back to its original place. After that he lied there and rest for some time at the top of the hill known as Jakhu, hence, it is universally accepted that Lord Hanuman put its footprints there, hence due to this belief priests have built a temple there which now universally known as Jakhu Temple. The mountain peak has a flattened shape since it is believed that due to Lord Hanuman weight the top of the hill got flattened.

The above fact about Jakhu temple made this temple highly revered place to perform religious activities. The interesting scenic view of nature is a must watched view moreover, with this it is pleasant to watch the notorious monkeys who flock in great numbers here and there but do not have any intention to harm any visitor or devotee, apparently, they generously accept the eatables which are offered to them by devotees.

There are still a number of stories which are scribbled about Jakhu temple, but it varied from sources and considered to be a holy shrine for all devotees of Lord Hanuman.


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