Shimla The Hill – Station with Rich Colonial History


Shimla is situated in Kinnaur Valley of Himachal Pradesh; Mount Kinner Kailash is 6050 m is among the five mountains of Mount Kailash. This place is the home of Lord Shiva. Mount Kinner Kailash has a religious importance in the Hindus as a huge “SHIVA LINGAM”, that is a 79 feet vertical rock formation. This rock formed image of Lord Shiva that is believed to change colors throughout the day. It is counted among one of the legendary abodes of Lord Shiva.

It is situated at Indo-Tibet boarder, and the entry to Kinnaur valley was restricted even for Indian nationals till 1993 and tourists from foreign countries required to register with Inner line permit. This trek is the toughest treks and meant for spiritual and adventurous people. Trekking to Kinner Kailash is a challenging and rewarding for experienced trekkers.

The history of Shimla goes back to Anglo-Gurkha war in the 19th century. In 1804 the Gurkhas had suffered a defeat from Sikhs in the battle of Kangra, Gurkhas built various forts around Shimla.

Jagatgarh fortress was the origin of modern Jutogh is a well- known military cantonment inShimla. A small British force was despatched to release the hill men from Gurkhas. Also, a battle took place near a fort at Malaon in which superior guns of the British overpowered the enemy. After few days, a declaration was made in which all Chieftains whojoined British in expelling Gurkhas were restored with their land.

Trekking in India, offer exciting holiday tour to Kinner Kailash. This tour can take to the land of fairy tales with stunning view of cold desert mountains, lush green valleys, winery snow-clad peaks, and beautiful orchard flowers. Also, you can see amazing view of spectacular landscape. The tour can take you to the scenic Hangrang valley and Sangla Valley that are naturally blessed.

Shimla is a worth place to visit and there are many things to see here such as Jakhoo temple and Jakhu Ropeway. It is not only the place to visit by the nature lovers but also people with interest in God’s love and history will be pleased after a trip.

How to Reach Shimla

Shimla is connected and can be reached by road, air or train. Jubarhati is about 23 kms from the town and is the nearest airport. Their regular flights go from Jubarhatti to Chandigarh and Delhi.

The funny and better way to get here is by Train. A famous toy train travels between Kalka and Shimla. You can reach Kalka from Delhi or Chandigarh and then take the Toy Train. The entire journey is covered on a narrow gauge covering a distance of 96 kms in 7 hours.

If you want to reach here by Bus, then there are regular buses. Manali is at 260 kilometers, Chandigarh is at a distance of 117 kms from Shimla, and Delhi at 343 kilometers.

Shimla is the most visited hill stations hence there is no problem of finding a place to stay here. Hotels are available in every range.

What to See in Shimla

Mall Road: It is themain shopping street. It is the centre of all activity here. There are many restaurants, Cafes, and social hangouts on Mall Road.

Christ Church: It is the second oldest church in North India and situated on The Ridge.

Jakhu Hill: The highest peak in Shimla, at a height of 8,000 feet provide a magnificent view of the valley around. You can also visit Jakhoo Temple, and enjoy the scenic beauty from Jakhu Ropeway.

Statue of Lord Hanuman at Jakhu Hill: This is a 108 feet tall statue that stands at a height of 8,500 feet above sea level.


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