Top 10 Things to do in Shimla


    Shimla is the hub for spending a perfect summer vacation and hence comes under the top summer destination to rejuvenate oneself from the scorching heat of the sun in the northern plains and the echo and dust of the metropolitan cities and hide oneself among the green contours and lush green landscapes.


    The snow-capped hills and mountains drove the tourists in the realm of the Shiwalik ranges and provide you with the plethora of activities and things to do in Shimla since it offers a wide range of places to visit in Shimla where one can enjoy to the fullest in the ravishing peace and calmness of the Queen of Hills.

    Following are the top 10 things to do in Shimla as discussed below-

    1. Kalka-Shimla Toy Train –is one of best things to explore any hill station which gives you a pleasant view of the densely covered deodar trees. It is a treat to watch the toy train since it amuses the tourists with its curvilinear track and hidden tunnels on a curved track.
    1. Jakhu Temple- is one of the popular tourist attraction which binds the tourists with the religious urge to greet the Lord Hanuman which is a most fascinating place to visit by the preachers of Lord Hanuman, and is 2 km away from the Ridge whereas the trek to reach to the Jakhu Temple is the most interesting and exciting trek throughJakhu RopewaysShimlawhich provides us with may sightseeing and scenic picturesque of the Himalayan ranges.
    1. Trekking in Shimla- is the other most fascinating and adventurous activity which one should go for and get oneself downed in the midst of beautiful Himalayan ranges

    Shimla – Luhri – Ani – Khanag – Jalori Pass – Jibhit – Banjar

    Shimla – Narkanda – Khadrala – Sungri

    Banjar – Bathad – Sarahan – Arsu – Rampur – Shimla

    Trekking involves lot of fun and each trek differ from one other since it depends on the time and distance that one is covering through trek and provides trekkers with various place to re-energize oneself.

    1. Kufri-is the other spot to mesmerize oneself and provides us with a gateway to some adventurous sports which provides the tourists with top 10 things to explore in Shimla. It is one of the adventurous spot to explore the adventurous activities such as paragliding, horse ride, yark ride which is their in FUN WORLD KUFRI which is 20km away from Shimla, which is a refreshing spot to gear their lives in the midst of scorching heat from the sun.
    1. Witnessing the sunrise at the Chadwick Falls– is the other thing to spot in Shimla and witness the two beautiful nature laws and unforgettable truth of the Mother Earth and enjoy the scenic picturesque of Shimla with the sunrise and sunsets of the Chadwick falls which provides with serene environment.
    1. Walking through the pine forests and military museum at Annandale- This provides the tourists with the pleasant view of the beautiful trails of the glen forests and the hidden deodar and pine forests and wander over the different place that provides hundred reasons to love with this beautiful hill station i.e, Summer Hill, the Kamna Devi Temple , the Prospect Hill, and if one love with arms and ammunition then one should walk through military museum.
    1. Lakkar Bazar-is the shopping-centric place where one get all the wooden items related to household and home-decorated items.
    1. The Mall Road- This place is known as the hub of Shimla since it is heavily crowded and hence known as the limelight of the hills station since it grounded with all the necessary items and with all the best things that one can visit in Shimla, hence it is the supreme place to visit in Shimla.
    1. Ice Skating-is the other thing to do in Shimla that provides the tourists an opportunity to explore their skills in an open ice skating rink which is a picturesque thing even to watch in Shimla and even provides a special teaching to the Garhwali highlanders which is a thrill to watch which is pervasive.
    1. Photography at the Indian  Institute of Advanced Studies-is one of the summer retreats to watch even by our President, and capture the unrefined beauty of the Viceroy Lodge and even the President of India of that time helps to promote advanced studies in arts and humanities.


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