Weekend Trip from Delhi to Shimla


    Shimla is surrounded by the seven hills which offer a wide range of landscapes and provides us glimpses of the Prospects Hill and various sightseeing which is in the midst of Mother Nature.

    Weekends are always welcome especially by the metropolitans since during the stroking heat of the sun one needs to hide under the landscapes of cool temperature since Delhi is the capital city of India experiencing extreme summers and extreme winters.

    Therefore, generally, people plan for weekends from Delhi to the hill station and Shimla comes under the topmost priority if we talk about hill stations since it is one of the best hill station defined under the summer spot for metropolitans.

    The distance from Delhi to Shimla is 343kms but it varies from the mode of transportation which one is using since one has immense options to plan their weekend trip from Delhi to Shimla, one can travel by road, railways and air too, depending upon their convenience.

    There are various sightseeing which one can experience in Shimla such as The Jakhu Temple, The advanced Indian institute, Wax Museum, but the best part to visit in Shimla is the Mall Road and the Ridge which is known as the hub of Shimla and consider among the major attractions of the weekend trip.

    One can visit the beautiful Shiwalik ranges which provide us with the pleasant atmosphere and also to experience the topmost Himalayan Ranges with enchanting landscapes.

    There are number of accommodation facilities in Shimla at affordable prices, one should prefer to take the hotel at the Mall Road since it is a street town of Shimla which is full of nightlife and one can have immense pleasure overnights too after visiting the other attractions of Shimla since it will boost your energy with fun, music and food.

    If one is planning a weekend trip then after travelling 7-8 hours journey if one reach on Saturday morning then one can start their sightseeing by 10 am in the morning, and can visit nearby places such as Victorian-Gothic spire, the Indian institute of Advanced Studies which is a blend of history and architecture, and one can even visit the Jakhu Temple by experiencing the cable car ride with the help of Jakhu Ropeways, which is a famous religious figure of the rich ancient history and provides you with great epic stories famous in Hindu Mythology, one can enjoy by trekking through Jakhu Hill since it is famous as trekker’s paradise.

    Annandale is the other sightseeing which is famous for golf lovers and provides us with a perfect picturesque. One can even visit the Shimla State Museum to experience the colonial era.

    In order to experience some adventurous activities then one can start from Naldehra and Shaily peak in order to experience horse riding through the pine, cedar and deodar forests.

    One can enjoy the Chadwick Waterfalls which is 6 km from Naldehra and enjoy the peace rejuvenating the whole atmosphere.

    After that one can start for Kufri which is 13 km from their and can visit the Kufri Fun World and experience various adventurous activities such as paragliding, bungy-jumping etc, one can extend their journey and can go for horse riding to Mahasu peak, and even one can visit the Historical Natural Wildlife Sanctuary after visiting the flora and fauna and to experience the iceberg in Kufri during weekend trip one should end up Kufri with ice skating in Skying Resort since it is famous for it.

    Then the day almost ends up, then one can return back to Shimla and after a tyring day one can enjoy the nightlife for Shimla, or can relax in their hotels.

    In the second day, they can visit the nearby places which are connected to Mall Road such as Lakkar Bazar, the Ridge, the Wax Museum and even end up with the Summer Hill which is among the seven hills which is uniquely known as Prospect Hill which is a peace point of Shimla with immense sightseeing pleasure.


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